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This site is simply a handy guide to the various local and online services that offer data recovery services, hard drive repairs, backup software applications and computer forensics to individuals and companies.

The process of data recovery basically means taking files that were once damaged or corrupted due to either natural disasters, hardware failures, virus attacks, user errors or software errors and restoring or retrieving the data in those files. As the instances of hacking and virus cases escalate, so will the number of people needing help with their data.

The availability of companies offering recovery services and software spans a wide range from large firms to small shops and from totally dedicated shops to firms offering a broad array of computer-related products and services. One good thing to remember — many of these companies will only charge you if they are successful in recovering some data. If they can't help you with your data problem, you usually don't have to pay.

In most cases, the majority of the data is recoverable, so don't automatically assume that your data can't be recovered. The ballpark average percentage of successful retrievals is in the 80-90% range.
And if you've been told that your data is unretrievable, we suggest you get a second opinion from another service just to make sure.

How does the process often work? First, you contact a service. Usually they advise you how to send them your media. Once they receive it, they evaluate it as to how much data can be recovered. They will then give you a price quote and an idea of the data that is recoverable. Some companies have fixed prices per type of media or size of job; Other companies cost out each job individually. You then either approve of the work order and have the work done, or you politely decline their offer and have the media returned to you.

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