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Computer Forensics
The field of computer forensics involves the locating, collecting, analyzing and authenticating of potential evidence located in computers and digital media storage devices. This type of information can be very helpful to individuals and companies involved in various criminal or civil litigation or other commercial or personal situations.

AC Forensics, Inc.
Providing forensic collection, examination and analysis of electronic evidence as well as email conversion, extraction and document production in a variety of standard review formats.

ACE Data Recovery
ACE Data Group uses the most up to date computer forensics technology. Their team is able to locate evidence on almost all storage media. They offer expert testimony and expert witnesses to verify data recovery efforts, findings, and methods that will stand up in any court.

Burgess Forensics
Burgess Forensics has been performing computer forensics, e-discovery, email retrieval and expert witness services through three different decades.

Center for Computer Forensics
Provides litigation and evidence gathering support through data recovery and retrieval services.

Computer Forensics Inc.
Offers services in electronic discovery, forensic analysis, expert witness services, and risk control programs for companies.

Computer Forensics Ltd
Early pioneer of forensic computing, offers services, equipment and training.

CyberControls has been providing litigation consultancy and computer forensic services for the past eight years on a nationwide basis. They maintain a secured forensics lab along with a team of litigation consultants who provide a blending of technical and legal advice about e-discovery specifics.

Houston-based Cyber Evidence is a leading provider of forensic service and investigations.

Data Recon, LLC
Wisconsin-based service specializing in computer forensic cases.

Data Recovery Link
Their recovery engineers work on virtually all operating systems and applications as well as forensic investigation.

Digital Mountain, Inc.
Provider of computer forensics/electronic discovery, network forensics and electronic management services on a nationwide basis.

Offers data recovery and computer forensic services to individuals, corporations and government agencies. They perform recoveries in-house, onsite, and even remotely if the client requests it. They work on all operating systems and all media from digital cameras to RAID Arrays.

Elluma Discovery
Elluma Discovery provides computer forensics, electronic discovery, forensic data recovery, forensic analysis and computer expert witness services.

eMag Solutions
Based in the US and UK, eMag provides computer forensic software and services.

ESS Data Recovery
Supplies services to individuals, government and companies. They specialize in hard disk drives that have been physically damaged, specifically by rotational scoring. Also offers computer forensics.

Flashback Data
Firm offers both in-lab and onsite forensic services.

ForenSec, Ltd.
Serves attorneys, corporations and government agencies with
its digital forensics, technical consulting, and expert witness services.

Forensicon, Inc
Chicago-based firm providing top-notch assistance to law firms and corporations nationwide in expert computer forensics and electronic discovery services.

Guardian Digital Forensics
Raleigh, North Carolina full-service digital forensics company. They work on criminal and civil cases all over the USA.

Guidance Software Inc
Guidance Software's Professional Services Division offers expertise in computer forensics and enterprise investigations. As the creator of EnCase®, the most widely used computer forensics tool, Guidance Software combined its staff of seasoned law enforcement and corporate investigators to create a team of consultants offering technical services, forensics labs and a direct link to legal and engineering support.

Kroll Ontrack
Kroll Ontrack provides a wide range of services, consulting and software to help locate, manage, and review electronic evidence.

LC Tech
Manufactures undelete and recovery software and offers training classes in its Florida training facility (including computer forensics).

LuciData LLC
LuciData has designed overall solutions which address data recovery, electronic discovery, employee monitoring, and data forensic investigative needs. LuciData’s team represents a blend of technology and legal expertise. A combination you need to meet the challenges of complex electronic discovery.

Midwest Data Group
Offers computer forensic services via data recovery analysis resulting in a detailed report of findings, including expert witness testimony if requested.

Morochove & Associates Inc.
Toronto, Canada-based technology consulting firm, established 1988, offers computer forensic and expert witness services to support civil and criminal litigation and enhance corporate security.

New Technologies, Inc.
Works primarily with large companies and government agencies in the field of forensic consultation, training and risk assessment.

NuVida Data Forensics
Provides consultation, digital forensics analysis, litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys, corporations, private investigators, and small businesses for civil and criminal litigations.

PG Lewis & Associates
Specializes in all types of civil and criminal legal matters by investigating computers and other electronic devices for digital evidence.

Precision Computer Investigations
Offers specialized forensic computer examination, analysis and security services. PCI provides certified in-lab data recovery as well as remote monitoring and data recovery.

Project Leadership Associates
Chicago based technology service organization that offers expertise in computer forensics, data analysis and expert testimony.

Renew Data
Supplies the legal community with services including consulting, retrieving and restoring data, analyzing forensic results and expert witness testimony.

Setec Investigations
Setec Investigations offers expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, providing highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.

Total Recall
Offers computer forensics and both in-lab data recovery as well as advanced remote data recovery to companies and individuals around the world. They count over 80,000 successful recoveries.

Tunstall and Tunstall
Located in Ottawa, one of Canada's premier technology centers, Tunstall and Tunstall Inc. has provided data recovery services throughout Canada and the U.S. for over a decade.

Vestige, Ltd.
Provider of computer forensic and electronic discovery services for use in civil litigation, law enforcement, criminal proceedings and corporate policy administration.


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