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Hard Drive Recovery Companies
These are the companies that can repair your hard disk when it crashes due to hardware or software failure, virus or user error. There are many competent services available that will take your hard drive in for repair, these are merely some of them.

ABC Data Recovery, Ltd
Offers data recovery services and software.

ACE Data Recovery
ACE Data Recovery professionally retrieves data from hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, and tapes. The company's accepted jobs often include devices considered "unrecoverable" by other companies. ACE Data Recovery has full-service labs in Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL and Falls Church, VA and many Service Centers in the US.

ACS Data Recovery
Division of Texas-based Advanced Computer Systems offers hard drive repair and data recovery.

Adroit Data Recovery Centre
Data recovery for hard disk drives and raid. Other data recovery service includes repair of Outlook PST Express mail, BKF Backup, databases and MS office files.

Cheadle Data Recovery
Specializes in the recovery of data from hard disk drives including those from desktop and laptop computers as well as external devices, USB pen drives and memory cards. They serve businesses and home users in the northwest of England.

Cherry Systems Data Recovery Services
Hard drive and disk data recovery service to recover lost data and files, using custom software tools to restore your computer data.

Complete Data Recovery
Melbourne-based company could be your solution when you need data recovered from any type of media.

CTE Computer Data Recovery
Offers to restore your crashed hard drive, corrupted files or dead disk. They process most operating systems and drives including IDE, SCSI, and SCSI Wide hard drives, 3.5" floppy disks and zip cartridges.

Data Recovery and Reconstruction
Works with all types of damaged drives and corrupted files.

Data Recovery Architects
Performs data recovery from Laptops/notebooks, Desktop Systems, Raid Systems, Quantum Snap Servers, and Maxtor Max Attach Storage.

Data Recovery by Micro Com
Expert hard drive, RAID and tape data recovery services. They pride themselves in providing world-class, personalized and truly concerned customer service and support.

Data Recovery Doctor
Offers full data recovery services on all types of media. Located in London.

Data Recovery Group
Offers hard drive repair and recovery services, with labs in California, Michigan and North Carolina.

Data Recovery Inc
Deals with recovery issues from a minor data loss (files missing) to a full blown systems disaster (all systems down).

Data Recovery Link
Their recovery engineers work on virtually all operating systems and applications as well as forensic investigation.

Data Savers Pte Ltd
Hard disk data recovery services. Recover your important data that is lost from your hard drive. As Asia's only associate Seagate Recovery Services Platinum Partner, Data Savers have access to world class data recovery facilities.

DataTech Labs
With offices across the USA, they specialize in effectively recovering data from malfunctioning hard drives and raid arrays.

Helps recover lost information from any type of system crash or other data loss problem.

Disk Doctors Lab, Inc.
Specializes in dealing with corrupted data or data loss on hard drives and other media.

Drive Labs
Labs in New Jersey and New York work to repair hard drives of all makes and models.

Drive Solutions
Drive Solutions, Inc. specializes in recovering data from notebook, PC, RAID, and Server hard drives as well as CD's, DVD's, Digital Camera Memory Cards and Flash Media such as USB pen drives.

They offer data recovery services in all 50 US states and many other countries.

Eco Data Recovery
Eco Data Recovery is a complete hard drive data recovery service that specializes in recovering "vital data" from Personal Computer and Notebook hard disk drives, as well as Server drives, RAID's, SAN's, NAS's, and much more.

ESS Data Recovery
ESS Data Recovery has been a leader in the data recovery industry for over 10 years.

HDDRecovery Australia
Australia wide data recovery specialists, consultancy and education services.

Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc
Specializes in providing reliable data recovery services for all types of hard drives, tape cartridges and optical storage media.

LC Tech
Manufactures undelete and recovery software and offers training classes in its Florida training facility (including computer forensics).

Established European hard disk repair centre (Est. 1980). Have been offering data recovery services for over 8 years, with a completely free evaluation on a 'no-fix no-fee' basis.

RAID Recovery Labs
Dedicated mass storage recovery company specialized in all operating systems, file systems and proprietary systems.

Recovery Force
Data recovery services for all hard drive failures including hard drive crashes and user error. Located in Ontario.

Specializes in data recovery resulting from hard drive failures to RAID Data Recovery and Exchange Data Recovery Services.

Reynolds Data Recovery
Colorado company specializes in recovering crashed hard drives in DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Mac and Novell operating systems.

SOS HD provides data recovery services for hard drives, RAID, DAT or DLT tapes and other medias.

TNT Data Recovery Service
Laptop repair and data recovery services.

Hard Drive and Hard Disk Recovery

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