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Things to Look for When Selecting a Data Recovery Service

If your company is looking to employ an expert data recovery service there are many things to look for that can determine if your data is recovered and on what time scale important information can be returned to you. As data is now so often business critical this is an important choice to make. The information in this article should help you avoid misleading advertising and choose for yourself which companies can provide the highest level of service and best value. Data recovery first arose in the mid-1980s at the same time companies began using standard microcomputer hard drives and since then their numbers have risen into the hundreds and even thousands making the correct choice of data recovery company a difficult one.

The first step is to assess the company's ability to address your needs — do they have the resources, technology and experience necessary to solve your data loss problem? The length of time the company has been in business is a good indicator, in this crowded market place only those with the right expert knowledge survive. How many engineers does the company have and do those engineers have access to the proper clean room facilities necessary for this role? If your company suffers a major data loss you do not want to be caught out by a back-logged provider. Does this company have expert knowledge of the hardware and software systems that your company uses?

Consider the practicality of the service if something goes wrong. You may have large amounts of physical hardware that need to be transported making a local company better for physical hardware recovery. If this service is too expensive for your needs then remote recovery services are a cheaper option but the odds of recovery may be lower. This choice will depend on the value of your data with higher cost companies offering a far higher chance of data recovery, the lower the advertised cost the less the company cares about the recovery of your data.

Most data recovery services will have testimonials from other companies. These can be a good guide if you check for misleading claims. Look for references from major companies and consider contacting those and parent or partner companies to gain an overview of the performance of a data recovery company. To help assess a company it is worth asking about their recovery success rate, any company that claims one hundred percent success is either dishonest or has not been in business for very long though good companies should have high success rates. The other services offered by a company can also be a useful insight into their knowledge base, if a company also does computer forensics work they are more likely to be expert.

Contact the company by phone and email and see how responsive they are. Ask questions about the services they provide, especially ones that cannot easily be answers from a FAQ or set of prepared responses, if the service is individual and responsive this is a very good sign for the level of customer service you will receive if something happens to your data. If your business operates in the capital and are looking for data recovery London has some of the most experienced companies available.





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